Blocked tear duct in adults

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Dacryocystitis is an infection in the tear drainage system. Blocked tear ducts may be more common in babies, but they can occur in adults, too. Treatment will depend on the underlying cause for the. Read our important medical disclaimer.

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Read our important medical disclaimer. If the portion of the tear duct in the bone of the nose is blocked, it can cause a serious infection of the tear sac called dacryocystitis. The condition is common in infantsbut it can develop in adults, too.

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The tear glands lacrimal glandslocated above each eyeball, continuously supply tear fluid that's wiped across the surface of your eye each time you blink your eyes. If you have a blocked tear duct, your doctor might use one of these to fix a blockage in babies (or adults) is to massage the lacrimal sac -- the. To diagnosis your condition, your doctor talks with you about your symptoms, examines your eyes and does a few tests.

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Jump to content. Tears normally drain from the eye through small tubes called tear ductswhich stretch from the eye into the nose. If a tear duct becomes blocked or fails to open, tears cannot drain from the eye properly.

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If a tear duct becomes blocked or fails to open, tears cannot drain from the eye In adults, blocked tear ducts may be caused by an injury to the bones or tissues.

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A blocked tear duct is a partial or complete blockage in the pathway that In adults, the duct can be damaged by an infection, injury, or a tumor.

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Scarring, radiation, toxicity from glaucoma medicine, or tumors can all cause nasolacrimal duct obstruction. In adults, massaging, probe and.

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The main risks of tear duct surgery are recurrence of the blockage (in about 10 percent of cases), infection (which is extremely rare), and blood.

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